Cho Law Firm focuses on estate planning, trust administration and business counseling to small businesses. We provide comprehensive and personally tailored legal services throughout Southern California.  We respect the hard work and dedication you have put into building your assets and family, and are passionate about ensuring the preservation of your legacy.  Our extensive experience as outside general counsel to small businesses can also assist you in determining the appropriate entity for your business to protect your assets.  We can also help families who have find themselves in a new role as a successor trustee; or facing probate after a family member has passed away without an estate plan, and guide them through the emotionally and financially difficult times. 



​​Estate planning is not only for the wealthy, and it is not enough to just have a will.  

We help make the process of planning for the passing of your assets a positive experience; estate planning is not about the end of your life, but preserving the life and legacy that you worked hard to build. You are not only creating an estate plan, but also ensuring peace of mind. To that end, at Cho Law Firm, we engage you in a thorough and personalized dialogue to explore the full spectrum of estate planning options.  

Keep in mind that California is a not a probate friendly state.  Additionally, with increasing rates of dementia and other chronic illnesses, disability planning has become equally important.